Oct 25th

Inbound services by Emenac call center services to form better image

By GilberteJosef
Emenac virtual call center hearing the call center and CRM integration system provides service solutions for the enterprise service can provide the perfect solution, it is a person, business processes, technology and strategy coordination system, which provides access to organizational resources appropriate channels of communication through an interactive way to create customer value and business value. Customer service system is built around services expanded, its core philosophy is customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is customer satisfaction and loyalty by taking to promote mutually beneficial exchange, and ultimately improved marketing performance. Same shape and strengthen the company through quality service and good public image.

Solution features:

Application service-oriented enterprises are most concerned with the cost of a certain enterprise services provided to allow customers to get the perfect experience, harvest customer satisfaction and loyalty. Emenac Call center Services Without changing the original settings in case the client system , the upgrade can be carried out with the use of micro- and maintenance is simple , to achieve single-channel or two concurrent calls , and can achieve the standard traditional call center functions such as: come , go electric automatic bomb screen function , you can complete record of all incoming , outgoing , missed phone numbers, full audio , as well as to provide a broader range of available interfaces using the second integration.

Key consideration in the design of integrated business and customer support telephone communication channels and service processes (consultation, complaints, suggestions, service confirmation, satisfaction surveys, service visits, etc.), and to the different features for the enterprise (such as whether there are multiple branches agencies, etc. Direct or join) a centralized agent or combination of centralized and distributed seats in different ways, making the ecall center services to close communication with customers to become a unified service window to help companies create a comprehensive customer communication smooth experience.