Dec 11th

Do you read food ingredients on labels

By mariahada

A box of delicious cookies is attractive when we are hungry. However, will you hesitate when you see the ingredients contain ammonium hydrogen carbonate, sodium citrate, sodium cyclamate, sodium metabisulfite and other food additives? Food additives have become a matter of common concern of the whole society, but the misunderstood is deeper. Food safety is not only related to people's health and safety, as well as economic and social harmony and stability development. But food safety is still an important issues, in fact, many of the problems are not related to food additives.

Sweetener as part of a daily diet is safe. There are about 20 species sweeteners allowed to use in the world. According to the sources, they can be classified as natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. The no sucrose in sugar-free foods still has a sweet taste, this is because the food use xylitol or aspartame sweetener in place of sugar. The food need healthy sweeteners, and sweeteners like glucose, maltose, fructose and starch syrup, glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup, etc is useful. And how to make sure they are best sweetener? Most importantly, food manufacturers are required to indicate the sweetener ingredients on the product label clearly. The right use sweeteners are safe.

A good taste cookies or bread also need types of enzymes. Enzymes are generally globular proteins, acting alone or in larger complexes. Enzymes serve a wide variety of functions inside living organisms. Different enzymes digest different food substances. Also, the sign of lemon on the label gives us a sense of freshness. Citric acid as a popular acidity regulator is widely use in food and beverage industry. Kinds of additives used in food have their functions. Such as anti caking agents food grade is used to keep powders flowing freely; bleaching agents in food make the flour or edible oil appear whiter; people buy coating agents food because the coated food has almost infinitive volume; defoaming agent are added to food and beverage applications to prevent foaming, etc.

Additives in food as some of the essential ingredients or components of foods for special dietary uses. But use of food additives should not cause any health hazard, as well as cover food spoilage and diminish the nutritional value of the food itself. At the same time, find a reliable supplier is a key. We can see chewing gum base for sale from companies, and where to buy chewing gum base for use is a question. But safe is always an important thing. So a supplier with social responsibility is what we want.