Nov 13th

Top reasons why a modern resume needs to be creative

By Alice Berg

Just like five years ago, the current job market is extremely crowded. Moreover, because of the high standards of living, it is imperative that you get a well-paying job that has the capability of improving the quality of life you live. To get this kind of job, you must produce a good resume that helps you to digitally represent yourself. A creative resume is important because it gives you an opportunity to provide a detailed description of yourself as a professional. Therefore, using the standard MS Office to create a resume may be tedious and may only limit you to the production of an outline about yourself. Increase the opportunities for landing an interview by developing a modern resume that has artistic features. Express employment professionals can always help you develop an artist CV that is creative and well designed. Note that, when you produce a creative CV design, and you are an artist, your potential employers may take you seriously, and you may emerge as a winner during the process of recruitment.

Graphic resume: Important facts you need to know   

While writing an innovative resume, begin the process by writing a standard CV. The intention is to create information about yourself and provide wordings that you will place in your CV, Note that, during this process, you will manage to gather all the CV ideas that should be contained in your resume. It is difficult to produce a graphic CV if you have not written a standard resume. You will struggle with the information to put in your curriculum vitae. You can always ask expert professionals to provide you free creative resume samples so that you can have ideas on what to include in your standard CV.        

In this respect, before coming up with the design of the resume, your content must be right. Note that, graphics in your CV will make it attractive, but it is the content contained in it that matters. Poor content will definitely not land you an interview. Moreover, unconventional CV is not advisable, and this is because it can put your potential employers off. Furthermore, when applying for positions that do not have heavy competition for job placements, you are advised to use a standard CV. Some of these job opportunities are in accountancy, engineering, physics, etc.  

Nonetheless, when applying for job opportunities that are highly competitive, you will want your resume to stand out, and this is achievable through the development of a creative resume design. Potential employers normally expect to get best graphic design resumes from students who have specialized in design-related fields. If you are unable to produce a quality graphic CV, you can always ask for a creative resume sample from us.      

Creative resume examples

Well, there are a number of types of creative resumes that you can have or develop. Here is some of the creative resume format that you can use to create your CV:

  • Your CV should have a perfect structure. It must also have an outline which is detailed but created in a simple manner. This CV must also show the management skills that you have.   

creative resume photo

Example 1: Courtesy of Skillroads.      

  • Newspaper style is one of the CV design that is popular. This design makes it easier for the candidate to provide a detailed description of his details, and it is always fun to look at it.  

newspaper resume style

Newspaper style: Source Skillroads

  • Creative resume layouts are characterized by proper coloring. For instance, one of the best color combinations is black and white. The use of such kind of color combinations is always popular with people who are developing a creative marketing resume. Moreover, the combination of the black and white coloring is popular with other types of resumes.      
  • You can use the resume book format to create your CV. This is one of the best formats, and it can make you stand out amongst all the applicants that have submitted their CV.

book resume style

Book resume, one of the best resume design ideas that exist: Courtesy of Skillroads

  • The pop-up folder design can help you produce a unique resume.  This is a design that enables you to produce an outline of the skills that you have, and all data that characterizes you. Below is an example of a pop-up design resume

Pop up resume design 

Pop up design: One of the most creative resume ideas that you can use to produce a detailed CV. Source; Skillroads    

Well, these are just but a few of the creative designs you can use for purposes of developing a graphic a good CV. There are still much more, and you can learn about them if you read the links provided in this article. Nonetheless, when using an identified CV layout of your choice, do not forget that content is the key to getting an opportunity for the job interview.                 

A Creative CV:  Tips on how to produce good resumes

Well, producing cool resumes requires skills. The following are some of the steps you need to take when writing a good and resume that is creative:

  • Think about the concept of your resume and the innovative and creative ideas that you want to incorporate into them.    
  • Develop such a resume in a single paged paper, and if the data or the information you want to produce are many, divide the page of your resume using columns. 
  • Come up with an outline and divide it into sections. These sections should be in chronological order.   
  • The type of fonts you use is important. Use one font for the content, and another font for the headers. 
  • Use colors in a wise manner, and avoid using clashing colors.  

These are the effective steps to create high quality and good standard resume that will help you to outstand from the crowd.