Jul 13th

How to teach a child to skate

By Wassed

This sport helps to develop the muscles of the legs, back and Abdomen. It improves coordination and teaches how to keep the balance. The classes are often held in the open air, which contributes to the overall strengthening of the body, increasing its immunity. Ice skating can be both a sport and rest.

There are different types of sport, using skates. Figure skating is developing in the child the flexibility and sense of beauty; hockey instills team feeling, a sense of mutual support. Skating, your child will feel more confident, stronger and healthier and, of course, will enjoy the pleasure of skating.

2-3 years is the best period for teaching your child because new ways of movement are perceived easily, and he/she does not see any problems with it.

When your child sees the ice and how his parents skate, he/she wants to learn to do it too. You should do specific exercises. According to experts, at the initial stage, this set is enough:

1.       A fall. It cannot be avoided even by experienced person. Therefore it is necessary to show how not to injure yourself. The main thing is to avoid falling back otherwise he/she will hit a head. It is necessary to be leaned forward. Explain that if he/she felt himself falling, he/she should try to sit down (the height of the fall is less the same as the force of impact) and do not put his/her hands forward in order not to hurt them. Be sure to repeat the exercise as much as possible. Thus, the kid will mater the technique, and won’t be afraid of falling.

2.       Slowing down. As soon as the child will go more or less confidently and independently, it turns out that he/she isn’t able to slow down. To avoid this, teach how to do it right. Besides, there are several techniques.

3.       Diversity. To diversify skating, show different movement techniques. Play on the ice, pretending to be animals or different objects.


If a child will really like skating, you can learn more complex movements. Or else you can simply enjoy the pleasure of sliding or skating race; borrow movements on the ice from others. But be prepared that even in an ideal case, the first skating classes under your control are unlikely to last longer than 20-30 minutes. 

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