Improving Your Business Writing Skills

Published by: RayTrey on 16th Jun 2017 | View all blogs by RayTrey

Every day you face with different business affairs, such as, talking to clients, dealing with managers, sending emails and so on and so far. But how to be sure that your business letters are effective and clear? And what to do, if everything is not so clear? Let’s deal today with all these problems and decide what is the best solution.

What is recommended to do?

As we know managers are usually full of work. Therefore, they think that it’s no use training their writing skills. Nevertheless, if you know how to express your thoughts about business and other important things, certainly you will succeed. We are lucky, because all of us have an opportunity to improve the skills. We always have to improve our writing skill.

You have to practice your skills every day. It goes without saying, that you can train your writing skills. Read more. Better read daily well-written newspapers, such as The Wall

Street Journal and others. Pay attention on structure, grammar and choice of words.

What should you do?

1. You must have a plan how to make an effective text.

2. Your offers must be short and informative.

3. The text must be simple. Better to avoid jargon and too clever words.


What you should not do?

1. Don’t be sad about writing. You just need more practice. Keep calm.

2. You should always improve your texts. Each document must be better than the previous one.

3. Don’t write a lot of unnecessary things. Write the main idea as soon as possible.


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David McCombie was a student at Harvard Law School. After graduation, he worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. There he realized that the style of writing, that he knows, isn’t good enough. He said that the legal and scientific literature, have to start with description and end with the main idea. However, in business correspondence, it’s better to start with the conclusion. He had a strong desire to improve his writing skills. After some period of time he opened his own business. And his skills in writing helped him to succeed. He thinks that the more you will practice your writing skills, the more you will be successful. Now he writes a book «The Family Office Practitioner's Guide to Direct Investments».About the Author: Armando Roberts is a blogger. He likes to write different articles about business, investment, etc. He published it at . Also he tries his hand at photography.



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