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Entry requirements


1.       Undergraduate

·         A high school diploma and an extract estimates for the last 2 years Successful completion of secondary school

·         SAT Examination results (2070 - 2350) or ACT (31 - 34)

·         2 SAT Subject Tests

·         2 academic recommendations;

·         English level Confirmation -TOEFL ibt 109;

·         The University may request the passage of the interview;

·         Motivation letter.

·         The official deadline for all documents - January 1st.

2. Magistracy

·         Bachelor's degree with an extract of estimates and an average score of 4.8;

·         Motivation letter;

·         Summary;

·         3 academic recommendations;

·         Essays / publications and other works;

·         GRE exam results, some specialty, instead of accepting the results of GRE GMAT;

·         Confirmation of the level of English - TOEFL ibt 109;

·         Financial information about the availability of funds.

·         The official deadline for all documents - on 1 December.

Life on campus

97% of students choose accommodation in student residences. First-year students live in university dormitories located on the famous Harvard Square. In the second year they move into one university and 12 "houses". Each house has its own managing director and a group of teachers in charge of the academic progress of students. Also, every house has a dining room, rooms to socialize and relax, in some - own sports halls and theater venues. In addition, each house has its own history and student traditions.

And also - Aikido, archery, polo, badminton, rowing, ballroom dancing, Quidditch, rugby, self defense, shooting, bodybuilding, karate, boxing, capoeira, cheerleading, spaykbol, cricket, curling, table tennis, cycling, taekwondo , kung fu and tai chi, yoga, skating, handball, Hapkido, frisbee, kendo, martial arts and more.


Lovers and professionals in the music, film, theater, painting and other creative directions Harvard University offers the best educational programs, rich calendar of events, a lot of thematic clubs and communities.

On the territory of Harvard University, are more than 10 museums (National History, botanical, mineralogical, and geological, archeology, anatomy, Semitic Museum, the Museum of Historical Scientific Instruments, etc.), numerous art galleries, digital collection, film collection, 5 theaters, including concert hall.

Harvard University is located in the US city of Cambridge (named in honor of the University of Cambridge) in Massachusetts. Today in this city with a population of 95,800 inhabitants in addition to Harvard is one of the leading technical universities - MIT. The presence of these two universities in the city encourages the development of high technology industry.

Many university buildings are outstanding examples of American architecture. The oldest building - Massachusetts Hall - refers to 1720, today the university administration is located here, as well as the students live. Another campus is located in Boston - the medical school is located here. Students are part of a lively and creative atmosphere of Cambridge and Boston.

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