The Digital And Physical Version Of NBA 2K18 Required MicroSD

Published by: Bunnytheis on 16th Sep 2017 | View all blogs by Bunnytheis

Since Nintendo confirmed that some of the games that will reach the Switch will require a MicroSD card, many began to wonder how much additional space they would require and now that the NBA 2K18 has hit the market we have a good example for everyone.

For now the title of basketball is only available digitally but thanks to the official site of Nintendo we already know the requirements in terms of space. Do you plan to buy it for your Switch? Go preparing your microSD.

Here is the translation of the instructions provided by Nintendo:

"A microSD card (sold separately) is needed to download NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch, in addition to the 5GB required by save file in system memory. Please have the microSD card inserted before you start downloading the game and make sure you have at least 5GB in the system memory (not the MicroSD card) available. "

"Please note that a microSD card is required in both the digital and physical version of the game."

And now the requirements:

  • Initial software download after purchase: 6.68GB
  • Additional Software Update: 16.1GB
  • Save data: 5GB per save file

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