NBA 2K18 Is Already In Stores With Its New Mode The Neighborhood

Published by: Bunnytheis on 21st Sep 2017 | View all blogs by Bunnytheis

The 2K video game developer studio has announced that its NBA 2K18 basketball simulation title has been on sale since Friday in regular stores. This installment of the American company sports saga incorporates novelties like the game mode 'The Neighborhood', that offers an open environment unpublished in the franchise.

The new 2K title has been developed by Visual Concepts and is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. The physical version for this last platform will go on sale on October 17, 2017, has advanced 2K through a statement.

NBA 2K18 offers new features, including 'The Neighborhood', which the developer has presented as 'the future of career modes in sports games'. The player will be able to forge his legend in NBA games, compete in the neighborhood courts, join the Pro-AM circuit and explore shops and streets. This new mode incorporates new systems of improvements and sponsorships, and the largest cast of characters to date, including NBA players, among other features highlighted by 2K.

The core of the 'MyCareer' mode is 'Road to 99', the meta-game that rewards users for improving their player's average to become the new superstar in the NBA. Meet the season schedule in 'MyCareer', play on the park's courts, perform the training exercises, improve your game in Pro-Am... everything counts towards reaching the goal this way, and that means that in NBA 2K18 you can get rewards doing what the player likes best.

The 'MyPlayer' mode allows you to develop a career in NBA games, play on the Park's courts or join the Pro-Am circuit. Includes new player enhancement systems and sponsorships and more. Another way is 'MyTeam', where you can collect player cards with NBA legends of yesterday and today, and use them to compete. With this modality it is possible to build a salary cap team in the new Super Max season mode, or 'draftear' cards and play a 5vs5 tournament in unprecedented Pack & Playoffs mode.

The game brings together for the first time in historical combinations of each of the 30 NBA teams the best players who have gone through each franchise. The player will be able to compete with them in Play Now mode and check which team in the league has the best stars of all time.


The new engine of the animation system elevates the control of the players "to a new level of realism", has highlighted 2K. Now, the dribblings and the movement without a ball do not depend on predetermined animations. This technology dynamically generates animations that offer the best gaming experience possible, under full control of the player.

Journalists Antoni Daimiel, Sixto Miguel Serrano and Jorge Quiroga recount and comment on the NBA 2K18 games. In the comments in English, the legendary Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett sit behind the microphone to bring their experience to the retransmissions. In addition, the game allows you to enjoy a varied collection of music from around the world, with the theme 'Last Play' by Carlos Jean and Arkano, as well as songs by Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas and many more.

Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas has stressed that the company's commitment to making an authentic video game "has always been a top priority." The manager considered it "exciting" to be "at the forefront of sports games" as the franchise evolved "year after year." Remember to buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT on U4GM to help you collect the players you want for your team. We are a professional website, which can provide cheap NBA 2K18 MT with fast delivery, safe payment methods and best services.



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